Listen for the Sounds of Silence

Various Markers on Blue Tone Paper – Words: Pythagoras

For those of us who are “talkers” silence can be a hard habit to practice. Mostly because we process our ideas by talking and by talking we are actually working things out. Having to practice silence can be a challenge. When I was able to manage silence and became comfortable with it my career and life changed. Suddenly I didn’t have to fill the empty moments with noise, I could rest and reflect and wait for others to provide their input.

Silence allows us time and space. It gives us the opportunity to listen more, reflect and truly hear what other people have to say. It also prevents us from using “unmeaning” words simply to fill the void. Silence is a powerful tool. Knowing that you are not the one who is going to end the uncomfortable silence when a question has been asked is amazing. Waiting gives people time to think and process and reflect on how they want to respond. Being able to give them that gift requires silence.

Sometimes there is nothing to say. No response that expresses your true thoughts or emotions, so silence is the only answer. It is a powerful message when words are not said. Sometimes silence makes the point better than anything that could be spoken.

In all this pandemic madness allow silence to enter your life. Give it a place in your conversations, your thought processing and with those you love. Not having to say something is a gift. Being able to be yourself with the ones you love means they truly get you and allow you to be your genuine self. Gift them the gift of silence and feel it relieve the pressures of the day. Listen for the sounds of silence.

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