Value What Today Holds

Gel pen & Sumi on Pastel Paper – Words: Anne Dillard

Days turn into weeks which turn into months and before you know it Easter is gone and we are quickly headed towards Summer. These past few weeks are not the way most of us would choose to live our everyday lives, and yet these weeks have given us a gift in that we are still living, breathing, working, playing, and loving. So this is the way we live our lives, for now.

My husband and I have been talking about all the things we value, what is important, and the things we used to do all the time that we are no longer used to doing. It’s not a bad thing to not do those things, it is just a reminder of what we truly need to live happy and fulfilled lives. We both will be interested to see how many of those things we go back to doing, if we go back to them on a smaller scale, or do we now choose to live without them at all. We’re guessing everyone else will have those same decisions once these days of social distancing are over.

Each day is a gift, no matter how the day goes it is still a gift. How you spend your day is what accumulates into making a life. Small decisions have big impact and big decisions can have consequences for generations to come. Today as you do the same things you did last week don’t focus on the doing, focus on having an attitude of contentment and joy. The future will change and what you are able to do today may not be as easy sometime down the road. Your kids may not want to watch a movie with you once they can see their friends, and your spouse may not be as available to discuss things once their regular schedule resumes. Value what today holds because a day above ground is a good day.

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