Maybe it is as Simple as Rebooting

Ink on Art Alternative Paper – Words: Annie Lamott

When if doubt, reboot. Anyone who has any sort of electronic device knows that troubleshooting tip. Turn it off, give it a few minutes, turn it back on and magically everything works better. This quote by Annie Lamott reminds us of this universal truth. It works for people too.

The key is turning off before the trouble starts, before everything gets so tangled up that the only option is to reboot yourself. Healthy systems need to be turned off occasionally to reset so why would humans be any different? Building in time to go silent, rest and savor a little peace and quiet is not only prudent it is recommended. Which means we have to believe that the world will still be able to function without our constant attention and control.

How foolish we must be to think that everything depends upon our actions, thoughts and performance. It may feel that way at times and we may have even contributed to this erroneous mindset by designing everything around ourselves, yet the rest of the world knows that no one person is that important. Maybe it is time for us to understand that as well. We all have responsibilities yet no one is immune to needing to release it all and turn off. Every system works better when it is shutdown every once in a while.

Maybe today is the day you take time to turn off all your devices including your brain and stop. The world will continue to revolve around the sun and you will be able to reset and start again. Maybe whatever tangle you are navigating simply needs a good reboot.

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