Talk is Cheap

Ink on Blue Tone Paper – Words: Jewish Proverb

There is soooo much out there to read and consume. Everyone is reading a and posting amazing things to read. So many words, so many phrases, sentences, paragraphs and topics to read. It can be overwhelming. People talk and tell tales, share ideas and speak to inspire. There is never a shortage on words.

As a Calligrpaher and blogger words are important me. They inspire and mean things that touch the soul and help me think new thoughts. In my view words have helped us change the world. They allow us to communicate, think, share our ideas and by doing that everyone can hear the message. This Jewish proverb reminded me that the world cannot survive on words alone, there needs to be action behind those words to really make a difference. The point of great words is to inspire people to think and act.

Action cures fear, it teaches us lessons that reading or hearing cannot provide. We learn best be doing, by understanding through action and by going through the motions of the thing in order to fully understand it. The people I admire most are the people who have actually done the thing I am learning to do. Their deeds and how they have processed their learnings are what reinforces the strength of their character. These leaders have lived lives where their actions back up the words coming out of their mouths. Their decisions are built upon the thoughts and words they believe.

What do your deeds tell people about you? Actions speak louder than words. Be the person who’s actions support who you really are not just what is the popular topic or trendy option of the day. It is one thing to talk it is entirely another to put those words to action via deeds. Let your deeds today be worthy of supporting the character and person you are striving to become.

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