Maybe You Need a Different Perspective

Our new kitty Cookie has been finding all sorts of places to play in our house. She has been here a week and has already climbed almost every wall, looked under every table, and has started hiding in a desk in our living room. We found her there this afternoon sleeping in this position. She is full of energy and has reminded us to look at things from a different perspective.

Sometimes it takes someone new to ask questions and make us think about why we do what we do. Explaining how things are to someone who has never seen or been there can make us think twice. It makes us remember why we do what we do and hopefully help us think about a better way to do it. It may seem annoying when the new person asks all the questions and investigates all the spaces, so be patient with them and yourself.

Do you remember what it was like when you were the new person? When you had a fresh set of eyes and no idea where anything was? When you were the one asking all the questions and trying to understand the what, where and how of things? When you needed to be reminded where the restrooms were, when was meal time, and who did what? It takes courage to do something new, to start fresh, to imagine how your life could be better in a new place. It takes patience while everyone explains everything and you think hard to put the pieces together.

A new year is coming, which will be full of new adventures and opportunities. Now is the time to dig deep and find the courage within yourself to face all the new you are about to experience. Don’t let fear or those tapes in your head prevent you from doing something new. Maybe all you need is a different perspective on things, a new look at your life to see the wonderful that will come your way.

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