“Merry Christmas!”

I was shopping at a big box store and upon exiting the Greeter wished me happy holidays. I stopped in my tracks, smiled and said with all the enthusiasm I could muster, “Merry Christmas!” The Greeter’s eyes popped wide open and he smiled, he then pointed to me and said with all his enthusiasm, “Merry Christmas!” He then proceeded to say it three more times in a whisper as if he was doing something wrong by using that ‘greeting’. 

As I walked to my car I realized that he had been trained to use the politically correct greeting of happy holidays, when in his heart he really wanted to wish people a merry Christmas. I understood his dilemma and his enthusiasm in being allowed to speak back to a customer the words he longed to say within his soul. When did this phrase become so offensive that we stopped using it in order to make people happy? 

So I started using it every time I left a store, received a bag or left an establishment. Maybe it is my little form of political correctness rebellion? Maybe it is my way of sticking it to ‘the man’ who wants to tell me what I am allowed to say in public? Maybe it is my way of reminding people that this time of year is not about bags, or boxes or bows? I know the smiles it brings when it is spoken with a genuine joy and how much better people feel when they hear these words said to them out of respect and spirit. These two words can change the most tired and haggard individual into a bowl full of jelly when they understand you are recognizing them as people and wishing them all that is good in this world. The impact of these two words is incredible. 

So here I go again, wishing you and yours a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS with all the joy and love in my soul…and maybe a little bit of rebellion against the dilution of the season. It’s Christmas Eve, if we can’t feel free to say it today and tomorrow then when will we be comfortable? Maybe it is time to be uncomfortable and say what we mean no matter who likes it. Isn’t that freedom what men and women have fought to protect for hundreds of years. Let’s take back the phrase and wish everyone we see a very Merry Christmas!


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