Why, How and Who, Anything is Possible!

I saw this dress and thought the tag said it all, why? Why in the world is neon tie dye coming back, and why in the world would anyone put it in such large quantities in a dress? Why are there multiple color options available? And then the how questions came to mind, how did it get from the table to the stores? And how many are selling? How will women wear it, and how long will it be in fashion? Then last but not least, who is buying this and wearing it?

So many questions unanswered, so many thoughts running through my head. I wandered through the store with these questions boggling my mind, and then I had to stop myself and celebrate the fact that a dress like this one made it through the retail development process. If that can happen then anything is possible. Capitalism is a great ism in that if you are willing to do the work, fight, and see trying you too can make your dream come true.

I also reminded myself to celebrate someone else’s idea of fashion even if it is not my idea of fashionable. It takes all kinds, all thought processes, all sorts of different ways of thinking to make this world go round. Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean someone else might not find it their dream dress, perfect for their next occasion.

The system has a way of cleansing itself for the better. As people we vote with our feet and our money; where we spend our time and funds determine what succeeds and what fails. So when we do not like something then do not give it time or money. The why, what and how will work itself out through time. This dress reminded me that anything is possible, even if I don’t like it someone somewhere does.

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