Christmas Words…

It’s the second to the last prompt in our fifty week challenge, and the topic was Christmas words. Create a piece using words that inspire you towards the holiday spirit. With so many wonderful words to choose from, I couldn’t pick just one, so I chose four. I chose a classic black and white movie, my favorite children’s Christmas cartoon, an Amy Grant song, and the childlike enthusiasm of a human elf. I used semi pens, wink of Stella, Tombow pens all on drawing paper.

This time of year has so much wonder and meaning, the words we say and hear allow us to savor the season. I often find myself humming, whistling or faintly singing a Christmas tune when I am by myself. It is a blessing to live in a place where we are free to worship however and whenever we want, with whomever we want wherever we want. If we want to sing, we can sing. If we want to jump for joy and be silly, we can jump and be silly. If we want to shout, and cheer and play in the snow (assuming your area has snow) we can do just that.

The greatest blessing this time of year provides is the reminder that we are fortunate to be who we are, where we are, no matter our circumstances. We have free will to do what we want with an abundance of choices. As I giggle reading the words I included in this week’s piece I am reminded that we are in life where we have chosen to be, so choose wisely.

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