I Have Jolene to Thank for that Reminder

Meet Jolene: https://youtu.be/8wWqipL5CTQ

Jolene is my husband’s ‘new’ 1940 Chevy Pickup, and we took her out today for a ride. We went to Walgreen’s to pick up a few items. As I was walking into the building I was struck by the gifts we have in technology. JoLene has no seat belts, no door locks, no visors, no radio, no adjustable anything. She is a pretty basic model, runs like a clock, but pretty basic. I thought about the people who built her, how their minds would be blown at how far we have come only eighty years later.

We picked up a couple photos we ordered only thirty minutes earlier. We visited aisles with every product imaginable, and we paid with a debit card which is like cash without being cash. The Pharmacist was there helping people, gave someone a shot, handed out medication and provided an electronic coupon for their next purchase. All under the roof of a drug store. In 1940 none of that would have been imaginable.

As we got back in Jolene, I reached to put on my seat belt which doesn’t exist (very strange feeling by the way) and I was reminded of how simple life was and how different it is today. We think nothing of ordering, picking up or having delivered, we demand options and discount prices, and we live lives of wealth and opulence compared to the lives of those who lived in 1940. All of which we take for granted because it is the only life we know.

Driving home I rolled down my window as Jolene has no air or heat, and I waved to the people who waved at us. Jolene is a sight to see, fun to ride in and takes strength to handle no power steering; she is a literally a blast from the past. We had fun and I was reminded to be a grateful for all the things we have so readily available every day of our lives. We may complain about our economy, our government, our health care system and our infrastructure but when I compare all that to 1940 we live in a miraculous time. I have Jolene to thank for that reminder.

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