Growing Beyond Ourselves

We’re heading out soon to visit family, Ashley and Aric. They live in Aizuwakamatsu, Japan and are having a blast. Here they have just crossed the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo during a typhoon, hence the wild hairstyles. I’m proud of them for having adventures as they grow into who they will become as individuals and as a couple. Living abroad does that, it forces you to learn who you are, what you want, and what you are willing to stand for.

Life requires that we grow up, some choose to do so earlier than others. Growing up is hard, it’s confusing, its about managing the pressures from within and from others while being true to yourself. Becoming who you are all too often means out growing family and friends. It means solidifying values and beliefs, understanding your life’s dreams and ambitions even if those who have loved and raised you do not understand why you want to, need to, dream to travel a different road.

It’s as if life has given you a pair of shoes to wear that don’t quite fit, and you have to grow into them to move forward. Sure you could slip and slide and stuff the toes to make them fit, but you don’t want to do that. You want to change and develop and become the person who can wear those shoes with confidence, without fear or anxiety, and you want to wear those shoes with pride. So it’s time to grow up and grow into who we were meant to be, no matter who gets it and who doesn’t. Life provides the opportunities and we have to choose to grow beyond ourselves into the people we can be, will be, want to be. It that means crossing a bridge during a typhoon simply to know and learn that you could do it, then go for it!

Have the courage to become the true you and those who truly love and understand you will enjoy watching your journey, no matter what anyone else thinks.

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  1. Love the pic. Japan life is cramped, but the experience is owrth it for a while anyway. I’ve always wanted to learn ja spead, read, and write Japanese. Another thing that didn’t happen. I just finished reading an expat life story about an Australian who went to Japan and studied international relations and is now living in The Hague. (I guess ‘T’ is always capitalized when referencing the city.)

    Sharla is in a Barbara Close class today & tomorrow.


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