A Wisdom Reminder from Chaos

I have been using a vendor for many years that has recently changed locations to a new building. Today was my third visit since the change and the building is not yet complete. We walked into boxes and missing door knobs, no one around but us and then we waited over half an hour for things to get started. All in all it was another bad day for this new location filled with chaos and uncertainty.

As humans we are creatures of habit. We develop our own routines and comfort levels with chaos and strife. We invent coping mechanisms and find was to ‘file’ the chaotic moments to endure them until the chaos is managed. It’s when the chaos doesn’t end that red flags begin to fly. We each have our threshold on how much pandemonium we can endure before we begin to make other choices.

Then there are those people we all know that somehow seem to manufacture chaos or drama when it does not exist. They can whip a room into a frenzy without even breaking a sweat. They seem to carry chaos in their DNA and spread it like a bad cold. The rest of us can get sucked into the madness before we know what has hit, and find ourselves trapped before we can check for clear exits. I felt this way today at the vendor’s and it seriously made me think about going back.

Today reminded me that we have a choice in how we want to live our lives. We can handle chaos when it arrives, control what we can when we can, and we can avoid pandemonium if we choose. It means making choices in what we do and where we go, who we invite into our world, and how we handle ourselves when confronted with chaos. Maybe I am getting old or maybe I am a bit more settled in my own self, but I do all I can to avoid creating chaos for longer than is necessary. Maybe I know myself well enough now to understand what I do and do not want in my world, and chaos or drama are not on the want list. Wisdom has taught me how to avoid it and also reminds me how I feel when chaos is in my midst. So now it is up to me to employ wisdom when chaos rears it’s ugly head…sometimes easier said than done.

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