We are in the 22nd week of the year, and the prompt for this week was animals. Anything inspired by or having to do with the topic of animals. I love animals especially the dogs and cat we have, so I was a bit overwhelmed by the topic. It’s a HUGE category and the options are endless. I spent a couple days thinking of ideas, and several came to mind. As I thought more I wanted to do something on the topic of animals not just one specific breed or species, and the only person who came to mind for me was Saint Francis of Assisi. He is well known for his care and kindness towards animals.

I looked up quotes by Saint Francis and this one sparked an idea. I didn’t have the tools or the space to do anything very elaborate – as I was traveling this week – so I utilized what I could to simply deliver his message. Instead of making the phrase the focus I chose to highlight his name first and the message second. I like the simplicity of the piece and how it turned out. Parallel pen 1.5 and Copic .035 on mixed media paper.

I was reminded this week of the power of the words we speak. Saint Francis has an impressive list of quotes about kindness and animals; his words very much exemplify what was important to him and his ministry. It made me wonder if my words do the same? If someone were to chronicle what I say on a frequent basis would there be a pattern and would it exemplify what is important to me and in my life? I would hope so, but hope is not a strategy.

My take away from choosing this quote was to be conscious of the words we speak often and the legacy they will leave in the lives of the people who are listening. People may forget what you did or how you treated them, but they will never forget how you made them feel…which is a huge byproduct of the words you speak. For me this quote brought back to the top of my mind to think before speaking and remain diligent to echo words of kindness and encouragement; the wrong word spoken at the wrong time can cut a wound deeper than any knife and is less likely to heal over time. Thank you Saint Francis for this reminder.

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