So Which One Are You, Over or Under?

I recently got a haircut and utilized the restroom while waiting. It struck me while I was sitting there that not everyone hangs their toilet paper the same way I do. There seem to be only two options – over or under. The over group hangs the roll so that the end hangs over the roll. The under group hangs the roll so that the end hangs under or behind the roll.

I have had friends describe knock down, drag out arguments with their spouses over one not hanging the roll the way the other one prefers. The one telling it got all worked up and I found this topic a foreshadowing of other spousal disagreement stories. I’m not sure we are always aware of how our preferences differ from those of others AND how attached we are to things being done our way.

The hanging of toilet paper seems to specifically highlight our personal need for control or it can reflect when we are not feeling heard or need some personal attention. I had a college friend who held the under presence and went through the dorm bathrooms to rehang every stall to her preference. She knew it was a little quirky, she knew it was borderline compulsive, and she knew that if others knew she did this they may not talk to her anymore. Her preference had become a control point and she did it when she felt out of control. It was her way of relieving stress. I had another friend change the toilet paper in our bathroom to her preference. She let me know we hung our toilet paper roll wrong and she corrected it…no need to go further in how that conversation progressed!

How in the world can toilet paper rolls relieve stress or relieve our need for control? How strange is that? We are an odd creature at times. We sit in a bathroom and actually take the time to change the way the toilet paper hangs on the holder for no other reason than we think we should. So which one are you, over or under? Be honest. Have you ever changed it someplace other than your home? If so, why do you think you did? What is it about sitting there that propels us into a world we need to control or correct?

As I sat there getting my hair cut all these thoughts flooded my brain. The strangest things happen at the strangest times, I have no idea why. Luck for me my husband and I are both of the same preference, so no marital high volume discussions about this topic.

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