Wouldn’t it be Great to be Chicken Soup?

The bowl of soups has been my greatest comfort today. I’m feeling better and I know the soup has helped. As I was relieved while eating my soup, I thought wouldn’t it be great to be chicken soup? Everyone needs you when they are feeling sick, you would provide comfort and soothing on demand, and you would be accepted across cultures.

This reminded me to value what I bring to the table, and not to simply mimic what others do that is successful. Be mindful in knowing what value I bring and how to leverage what to do that I do best. It means knowing ourselves and knowing what we do well and where we are challenged. Learning to appreciate our own talents and skills and doing the same for others. We do not have to be all things to all people, we need to do what we do well and allow others to do the things that they can do better than us. Which means admitting that there are things we should let others do, and we can’t do everything.

So here’s to chicken soup – all that it is and all that it is not. It reminded me today that being yourself is the best course of action. When you bring who you are to the table people are able to absorb your value into their own lives making thier world just a little bit better.

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