Chaos in Every Stage of Life

Every stage of life brings with it some version of chaos. Too much to do, too little time, the unexpected and the frenzy that just comes and goes with the passing of time. Sometimes we bring it on ourselves and at others times chaos is thrust upon us. Sometimes we step into it without realizing what is happening, like the time you go to Walmart without realizing what time it is and end up fighting everyone in town to get to the checkout line first.

Sometimes chaos can be funny. If you have the ability to stand back and enjoy the zany antics of those around you it can be rather humorous. Like going to Costco and eating lunch with every grandparent who brought their grandkids to the store without the desire to discipline them at all. Slices of pizza and jumbo hot dogs being eaten while full carts try to navigate the narrow halls. Comfortable shoes and shorts mingling with energetic kids and big boxes of food.

For the last ten days our puppies have been wearing “the cone of shame”. They both got fixed and have been recovering nicely. This is a snapshot of what one of their cones looked like when we took it off. The scratches and teeth marks from ten days of chaos created by puppies who were unable to navigate. It was funny, annoying, hilarious and ridiculous all at the same time. The word chaos doesn’t express it well enough.

The one thing I know about chaos, it comes and goes, and comes back again. It will eventually get to you, so this is a reminder that most chaos doesn’t last. It will annoy you for a while but in the end it will go away and leave you with the quiet life you have always wanted…until somehow it arrives again. You can let it beat you or you can go with the flow, the choice is yours.

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