Tap into Your Inner Kindergartner

We had a load of mulch delivered and Gravy turned it into a game of fun. He and his sister Biscuit spent the whole day chasing the wheel barrel and running across the freshly installed mulch. When they got tired they took a nap until it was time for dinner. They had a busy day playing chase and fighting to be king of the mound of mulch. Even though I was the one actually working it was fun to watch the puppies having fun. Somehow the work didn’t seem so hard between laughs and giggles.

All the hard work and giggles reminded me that work is hard but it still can be a lot of fun. When we find a way to make things fun they go much faster. People like working with people that make things fun. Most adults are just overgrown five years olds no matter the situation, so when we can tap into our inner kindergartner everything is more enjoyable.

When your next project or hard work settles on your schedule, think before you start. Find a way to wake up your inner child and make the work fun. Everything is better when we let go and engage our inner kindergartner.

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