Which Way Will You Choose Today?

Spring means that blossoms and petals cover our walkways. They remind us that beauty is fleeting and serves a purpose. I was walking behind a couple and they commented that the petals were beautiful, but it was annoying at how much mess they make every year. “Someone has to clean all this up.” They could appreciate the color yet found everything else rather annoying.

I actually stooped down to take this photo to remind myself of what I overheard and that life is all about our perspective. We have the choice to focus on the beauty in things or the drudgery. Anyone who plants anything in the ground knows both sides of that equation. It is ugly before it gets beautiful, and beautiful often has to be cleaned up or topped off to remain growing and beautiful. Nothing amazing happens without a great deal of work and effort. And beauty is not always easy, it takes work, drudgery and consistency.

I could understand both sides of their comments. There is something uplifting about seeing the blossoms and beauty that reminds us of the renewal of life. There is also the practical side that puts in the hours of labor, sowing and care that makes the beauty of nature possible. I hear people complain about the pollen all over their car and having to wash it yet again, or the allergies that confound them this time every year. They complain it is still too cold or getting too hot too soon, or grousing about the lawn mowing and the outdoor chores taking up too much of their time. Rarely do they start by commenting on what a beautiful day or how pink the blossoms were on the trees. All too often we go practical before we savor the beauty. Why is that?

Is there something that makes us feel important if we complain? Do we think it makes us more relatable or easy to talk to? Have we become so bombarded by the negative media and internet coverage of life that we no longer think on the good side of things? We only go where we are led and that is down a dark and tumultuous path so we no longer nurture our grateful side. We have also forgotten that we have a choice about what goes in our brains and comes out of our mouths. We control our thoughts and words and the power they both have over our attitude. We have to choose what we want to focus on and let that be our focus, and not let ourselves be push by the latest story or craze or drama of the day.

Beauty is fleeting and it takes a lot of work. Thinking for ourselves and controlling our own thoughts and comments are the building blocks that form our attitude and actions. I was glad I stooped down to take this photo and I was glad I overheard their comments. Both serve as a reminder that there are multiple sides and options about what we choose to think and talk about everyday. So which way will you choose today?


  1. So many quotes to remember. Beauty is not what you put on, it’s what you put in.

    It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time. David Allan Coe

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  2. Dear Ann, I have enjoyed your posts,but am no longer able to keep up with them. Please delete me from your list . Warm regards———-Beverly


    1. Hello Beverly – glad you have enjoyed my posts. You should be able to unsubscribe at the bottom of one of the emails. I do not have the ability to remove you from the database. Have a great Spring!


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