What Will You Vote for Today?


If you give something about thirty years it will be back in style or come back around. Brass was popular back in the 1980s and it is making a comeback in fashion, decorating, and as an accent on so many things. Having lived through the 80s and spent time trying to get rid of all the brass in my house the thought that it is coming back in no way appeals to me. Every time I see it used I can only ask WHY?!!!?

For those of us who have been around for a while we have seen it all come back, go away, and then come back again. It is as if designers and creators are challenged with coming up with new and inventive ideas, and like lemmings we fall for it all over again. We forget that we have a choice in how we participate in the commercialism and fads presented everyday. We have the ability to choose to go along or opt out. We vote with our time and our dollars.

Each day we are given a new allotment of time and money to use as we see fit. Today we get another chance to vote for what is important to us and what we would rather watch fall to the side of the road. So what are you going to vote for today? What is important enough for you to give it your precious time and money? You only have so much to utilize so vote wisely.

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  1. We have antique brass kitchen lighting. Not in stock, not sold. We need it to come back so we can transition to another antique brass fixture set. Stainless steel and crystal don’t make it in this setting. Best news this year! Hi Kevin.


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