It’s Not Perfect But It’s Better Than Other ‘Ism’s

I hate to be the reminder of frustrating news, so I will say it as nicely as I can. We are about a month away from our opportunity to participate in capitalism at it’s worst. That’s one way of saying it is time to tally things up and pay our state and federal taxes. My husband and I spent time today gathering and adding, documenting and figuring. We then pass all that information off to our CPA and give thanks that someone else actually fills out the forms and checks the right boxes. Her fee is some of the best money we spend all year.

It is times like these when it can be hard to feel thankful for paying the government money to run things. Turmoil seems to be a daily story on the news and none of us seem to be able to agree on what we expect, are willing to do, and who we want doing it. Person after person lets us down, makes a mortal or fatal flaw in their personal decision making, or they confess to committing horrible crimes simply for the money. When the Bible said the love of money is the root of all evil, we have daily reminders of that truth. So the frustration of seeing what we pay our government from our hard earned dollars can be a rough pill to swallow.

To get over that frustration I rode our stationary bike until I couldn’t breathe. As I am cooling down I am reminded that freedom isn’t free. There is a price to pay in blood, sweat, and in money. We each pay our share according to how we earn, and we are able to drive on roads, educate our children, travel without guards, speak the same language and spend the same currency. We eat what we want, buy what we want, vote for who we want, spend our money the way we want and others stand up to guard these rights everyday. It may not be a perfect system however I will always be a proud American. The Stars and Stripes remind us that we are able to live our lives how we choose because of the funds we pay into the system and due to the efforts of the people who protect our lands. I would rather live in the land of the free and the home of the brave than under any other ‘ism’ out there. I hope you agree.

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  1. I agree. The “cash only” business model used by contractors (especially) just reinforces the idea that you can get something for nothing–policing, road maintenance, street lighting, environmental quality, sewer systems, animal control.


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