Be Willing to Take a Chance on New

We were in a local meat market and I saw this drink at the check out counter. I had no idea Fanta made a pineapple drink. I had tried and enjoyed all sorts of other flavors, but never pineapple. It was encouraging to know that there are new things to see no matter how much life you have lived. I’m sure pineapple Fanta has been around for a while, yet for me it was exciting and different.

As humans we are creatures of habit. We develop our own routines and methods that become the foundation for our lives. It is what keeps us sane, grounded and helps us navigate this thing called life. Whether it is waking up at the same time everyday or going to bed at the same time, these routines and habits are what allow us to deal with the insanity and information overload that is our present day world. The down side of these habits is that we can overlook or fail to see the ‘new’ things that cross our path. We get so stuck in our own ways that we forget to try something different and that other options exist beyond what we currently know.

Trying new things means taking a risk. Sometimes it works out and other times it can be disappointing. You won’t know how it is going to end unless you try. And if you never try then you may be missing out on your new favorite thing.

When was the last time you tried something new? In food, in the way you travel home, in how you wear your hair, or a color you normally don’t think about as a wall color? When have you asked for someone else to do what you can do blindfolded simply to see a new way of doing it? Or maybe you are ready for a big new like moving, or a new job, or an entirely new way of life? Embracing new allows us to reinvent, clean out and recharge our inner selves. New allows us to branch out and challenge our way of thinking to grow beyond what we imagined was possible. New allows us to be reminded that anything is possible if we are simply willing to take a chance.

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