Anchor…Inspired by Carpet

Our calligraphy prompt for this week was to create something that illustrates what anchors you in your life. I was facilitating a program all week, and the conference center had dated but interesting carpet. I thought a great deal about the carpet and the prompt and came up with this graphic version. It includes the names of our parents and family from across the globe. I used Copic .7, .05, .25 and .35 with Stabilo markers and colored pencils. It measures about four inches across.

I am always amazed at what inspires people. In this case it was 1980’s style hallway carpet (photo of carpet at the end of this post). I found myself walking the halls trying to think of what to create for the prompt. How to design and display the important elements faith and family play in my life. In the carpet I saw four smaller circles inside one big circle. I thought this would allow me to highlight the four families that have been brought together through our family. The circle includes the children, grandchildren and spouses. By the time my day was over and I made it back to my hotel room I was able to work through the design.

Inspiration can be a fickle thing. One moment an idea catches your imagination and it is all you think about. If you don’t capture it or write it down it can be lost in a second, leaving you wanting and frustrated with a great idea that has turned into a distant memory. Inspiration can also follow you like a haunting fog never leaving you alone until you do something with it. All it asks of you is to act on it, create from it, give it life so others can enjoy the fruits of your inspiration.

When was the last time you were inspired with an idea and found a way to bring it to life? Never underestimate the where or the how or the what when it comes to being inspired. Look around you to see what shape or color or object might peak your brain’s interest to bring something new to life.

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