The Power of a Simple Act of Kindness


I’m going to tattle on my husband. I was out of town teaching on Valentine’s Day and he sent me flowers to my classroom. It was a VERY thoughtful gift and gesture and the class voted him MAJOR husband points for that one! The bouquet was colorful and added a wonderful life and joy to our room. I had a friend who also sent flowers for the week, so I ended up with two amazing arrangements that the group sincerely enjoyed.

Never underestimate the power of a simple, kind gesture. Sure it costs money and takes effort to send flowers. Sure it is not the only way to express our feelings. And sure, not everyone can send flowers all the time because it eventually diminishes their special value if people receive flowers all the time. So let me say it again, never underestimate the power of a simple, kind gesture. From both of these special people in my life I was physically reminded why I love them, why they love me and I had no doubt that they were in FULL support of my efforts in this new endeavor.

We live in a world full of cynicism, crime, pain, fear, sensory overload and jam packed schedules. We are challenged to slow down, breathe deep, enjoy our lives and show love and affection to those around us. We are a culture that values getting things done when maybe doing nothing or something simple is a better solution. We work to keep up with everyone else, we hunt for the latest and greatest things, and we want experiences to remember instead of spending quality time with each other. These flowers reminded me that simple beauty, the colors of nature, and the gesture of sending something was more than I expected and brightened my week to a whole new level.

What act of simple kindness can you do for someone else to make their day, night, week or month better? A hand written note, a card, flowers or maybe a note scribbled on the rear view mirror of their car. Any of these will serve to remind them that they are important, loved and worth your effort. That’s all we really want from the people in our lives. We want to know that we are important and worth their time and energy, and they want that from us as well. It’s pretty simple, sometimes so simple that we miss the mark by taking them for granted. Let today be the day that you live out a random act of kindness for someone you know and love.

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