Pure Mischief!


Meet Finley, our Niece’s dog. He came to visit and play with his cousins Biscuit and Gravy. He also taught them the true purpose of a puddle. After running around and teaching them tug of war and chase, he got hot. So he found the biggest mud puddle he could and sat right down. After the sighs of shock and awe, we laughed deeply and with gusto. He’s a dog, it’s what they do. And he was doing it brilliantly!

All the time that this was happening our impressionable puppies were watching in amazement. Their cool older cousin had shown them an entirely new way to play, and it was awesome! They too liked the puddle and ended up with dirt all over their heads. It was the best example I have ever seen of Monkey See, Monkey Do. We hosed them down, toweled them off, and took them inside for a nap. After only a few minutes all three were napping and dreaming of mud puddles.

We didn’t get mad, just laughed. How can you get mad when a dog and two puppies are having such fun in an inch of water and dirt? They were uninhibited, having a blast, and wearing themselves out with no regard for rules, or cleanliness or good behavior. They let all the rules and common sense go and simply had fun. Lots and lots of fun.

When was the last time you left everything behind and simply had fun? Pure, messy, uninhibited fun. You left behind your responsibilities and let yourself laugh until you cried. You got dirty, or made a mess, broke all the rules of good behavior and let loose. Maybe today is the day you allow yourself to have some pure, messy fun. Start a food fight, jump in a mud puddle without any boots on, or run around in the dirt until you can’t move, fall to the ground and laugh yourself silly. Have no worries, there is always a way to clean it all up and then take a nap. If Finley is any role model at all, you can change the world by using puddles for their intended purpose…pure mischief!

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