The Importance of Play Time

If you have pets or children, you know that the best toys on Christmas morning are the empty boxes. Our house is no exception to that rule. Our cat Artie loves boxes and has been playing in this one for months. He chews it, he plays in it, he sleeps in it, and he loves to jump in and out taunting his feline brother and me. This beat up box is the best toy he has, no matter what we have purchased at any store. Here you can see him playing tag with me by peaking through a hole he made in the side.

One of my favorite parts of the day is early morning when our cats and puppies are outside playing. I find joy in seeing their energy and their antics usually crack me up. It is a simple time, and I am usually still in my pajamas. These mornings of frolic and play give me the energy to handle the rest of the responsibilities of my daily life.

Playing with our pets always reminds me that even a cat or puppies will use their imagination and instincts to play no matter the circumstances. As adults we sometimes forget to play. Our responsibilities and the schedule we keep prevent us from being able to let go and have fun. We might be able to schedule some fun into our month, but to think about doing it everyday is unfathomable. There just doesn’t seems to be enough time to do what we need to do. Let alone time to play.

Today I encourage you to go out and play. Run in circles, play your favorite game, or even just jump rope. Sounds silly and you might feel a bit foolish at first, yet the impact your play time will have on the rest of your day will astound you. We need the release and joy that play time creates, and we need to forget the weight of our lives for a few minutes to gain a fresh perspective. So pick up a piece of chalk and draw on a sidewalk or just chase a ball. Let go, have fun, and let the joy fill your veins.

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