Santa’s Elves Have Been Busy


We enjoy making gifts for people, and this weekend has been no exception. Between glue, wood, markers, and all sorts of other creative supplies we have multiple items drying in our studio. My husband and I have been collaborating on a few gifts and they are turning out just as we hoped. Not that there weren’t multiple test tries and failures, but we have learned from those and are currently on the steady path to success.

There is something special about making a gift for someone. It shows a different level of care and effort that a gift card or pre packaged item cannot supply. We will be giving some store bought gifts, but many are things we will have made. I know the gifts that I cherish most in my life and home are the ones people have made for me, or had made for me. I use them with pride and always think of the creator each and every time I use it.

I also know what a blessing it is to have a space where we can leave things to dry and cure during the creative process. Our pets can’t interfere and it also allows our creative juices to process all along the building cycle. Some of our gifts have taken weeks for us to create. The work involved is not days long, we simply needed that amount if time to let the ideas solidify in our heads and for the confidence in our skills to take us to the point where we were no longer afraid that we would screw it all up. There is nothing more disappointing than taking weeks to create something, only to make an unforgivable mistake that makes you start all over. It is at those times that I sound like a sailor…pardon my French!

We still have about ten days to get it all done and get things wrapped. I don’t know how Santa’s elves do it all for every child in the world…it’s amazing! So Ho, Ho, Ho and Merry Christmas! Time to get busy and get it all done.

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