You May be Someone’s Answered Prayer


This time of year we are reminded of the power of community. Parades, decorations, donation drives and Christmas Pageants all work together to remind us that we are not alone on this earth alone. We are who we are and able to do what we do because of and sometimes in spite of our community. We live and work with the people around us, all really wanting the same thing – a safe place to live, enough food to feed our families, a better world for our children, and something meaningful to do everyday.

The decisions we make impact not only our work, they effect the lives of those living around us. Our dreams encourage others to dream. our hard work reminds people that hard work gets things done. We sometimes feel like what we do is just plodding along until we see or hear the impact it has on those in our community.

Let me give you an example. If you follow my blog you realize we are working towards building a barn where we can broaden our ability to bring art and creativity to our community. Someone came in our gallery today and asked about the plans, timings, and ideas we had for events and activities. She reads my blog and was excited to hear more. We are in the brainstorming stage and I shared a few ideas we plan to implement. She got all excited and told us our plans are an answer to her prayers. She is looking for a place to help her get to know other artists in the area and find feedback, comradery and creative things to do to spur on her own art. She believes our future barn will help fulfill her prayers, and allow her to do the same for others. This conversation did two things for me. It reminded me that I have no idea how what I write encourages and impacts others, and the process of sharing our dreams allows others to see the hand of God working in their own community.

I am grateful everyday when someone tells me they read my blog, that they are encouraged by what is happening, and that they have creative ideas they too want to implement. I never set out the change the world, I simply wanted to change our world…a humble corner of Georgia where creative people can learn, grow, and create together.

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