That Ringing Bell is a Reminder


I passed a store that had a person ringing a bell seeking donations. I was in a hurry and usually I do not carry any cash. I saw the shadow of these tree limbs on the asphalt in front of me and it reminded me that darkness surrounds us all the time, even during the holiday. The bell ringing reminded me and encouraged me to give. So I walked to my car and pulled bills out of my ‘cash stash’ I keep in my car door. I turned around and donated knowing that my money would combine with others and provide for those who are in need.

Not everyone will have a colorful and joyful Christmas this year. In the midst of all the wonderful things we are blessed to be able to experience, there are people who cannot make ends meet, or buy any presents, and some can’t even cover their basic needs. It is the time of year when we need to be reminded that our blessings can be shared and bless others.

It may not be convenient, or easy, and it may even leave you a little behind or without. The thing to remember is that you have more than enough and others need your help to be lifted out of their own darkness. A few coins, a couple bills, food, provisions, toys or household items may be the answer to someone else’s Christmas wish. Maybe you are the person whose simple act of kindness will be the gesture that changes their world for the better. You may not ever know how your giving helped another, the point is you gave. Nothing changes if we don’t start somewhere. So next time you hear that bell ringing be generous and give so someone else can change their life.

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