“No, I Meant Merry Christmas”


I was shopping this evening and after completing my purchase I told the clerk to “Have a Merry Christmas”. She was a bit startled, and then said, “You meant to say happy holidays.” I said no, I meant to Merry Christmas. She then told me not many people say that to her anymore.

All the way to my car in the paring lot I was struck by her reaction. I was sad to hear that this woman who deals with the public all day had reached the point where the words Merry Christmas were no longer her regular experience this time of year. Everyone has let the greeting turn into a simply politically correct statement, which seems to negate the reason to wish someone anything at all.

Somewhere we have let the meaning of this time of year get watered down to not offend anyone. What about those of us who believe in the true meaning of Christmas? Is it possible that making us change the words we say actually offends us? Or doesn’t what we believe matter anymore? This country was built on Christian values. From the Pilgrims to our Founding Fathers, on our money and in the original version of our pledge of allegiance we honor our belief in God. Somehow we have let the minority pressure us to change what we want to say to not offend them, even if it completely leaves us out of the equation.

So after my conversation, where I was corrected for not being politically correct, I wished the clerk a VERY Merry Christmas. I stand by that greeting and will continue to use it every chance I get. It is more than a pleasantry, it is what I truly do wish. I hope each person who hears my words understands that the birth of Jesus is the reason for the season, and that somehow underneath all the commercialism and politically correct words they are able to celebrate His birth in a renewing and peaceful way.


  1. True. Most people have been programmed to remove Christ from Christmas. Without Him, it’s just a special event for stores. Good job. Merry Christmas, Mr & Mrs B.

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