What Would You Wish For…


Our prompt last week was to create something around what we would wish for, if given one wish. It was the prompt for the week of Thanksgiving so I am one week behind. I didn’t procrastinate, I simply didn’t know who to narrow it down to one thing. I had all sorts of thoughts and ideas and had no idea how to express any of that in words, so I stalled and waited for the right idea to hit me. It hit me this past week.

We closed our Atlanta location and this work was one haggling on the walls. I had forgotten the topic, which is all about time. When I saw it again I knew these were the right words for the prompt. If I could wish for anything I would wish for time. Time with the people I love, time to enjoy all the things that spark my passions, time to get things done, time to give away and still more time to be able to get it all done. Time is our most precious commodity and the one things we cannot get more of, there are only 24 hours in each day and before we know it time is gone.

I created this piece as an experiment using vintage watch faces, handmade papers, various pens and different shapes than my normal favorites. The main text is from a Jim Croce song, Time in a Bottle. I then completed a word study on time and included other great quotes about time. This work is very different than my normal fare, and I like it. It took a lot of time and I learned a lot, and I will use these ideas again in the future.

So what would you wish for if you could have only one wish?

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