This week’s calligraphy prompt was based on the word Shade. Create something that exemplified it’s meaning, options, and or anything having to do with shade. I thought about all the different shades of grey and wanted to play with them a little bit. So I grabbed a ruler and grey markers and began drawing lines. After the. Different angles and shapes were created I began filling them in with no plan in mind. Then I took a flexible ruler and created the curves, making sure they intersected the middle of the page. The text is just my way of using expressing some of the biggest challenges of life.

This week we have had multiple generations of our family together. The youngest is twenty-one and the oldest is eighty-seven. It has been great spending time with them all and hearing about the choices they are making. Some are soon facing cross roads, others have just begun a new key of their journey, and still another group is living out the choices they have made very diligently. As they grow up it is interesting to see how each person navigates this thing called life and what they hope for their own future.

I truly believe that life isn’t about making the right choices or finding the perfect path. Life is about how you navigate the choices you have made – good ones, bad one, mediocre ones – and how you make your life your own. No matter what anyone else thinks, you have to live out your own choices and not wait for someone else to do it all or you.

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  1. Love it, Ann. Thank you for sharing it and all the other things you do. I’d like to see how you decorated your gallery for Christmas. I still want to see your students’ works.


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