Living the Definition of Insanity


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Most of us know that definition yet we do it all the time. We drive to work traveling the same path, drive home the same way, and we wonder why we can’t come up with any new ideas. Sure getting home the way we know may be the expedient way, yet we will not encounter anything new or different to prompt our own creative processes.

Have you ever driven home only to realize that you do not remember any of the drive home? You arrived and only then did your brain kick in. It can be scary when we realize that we live too many of our days and portions of our lives on autopilot. We have gotten complacent in what we do, how we do it, and as a result we may not remember either. Yipes! Life is too short to only experience small portions of our days.

Today is the day I remind you to wake things up, do something different, travel a different path than you did yesterday. Maybe today you take the stars instead of the elevator, or vice versa. Maybe today you take the long way through a subdivision to get to the grocery store so you can enjoy the fall decorations on the houses. Maybe today you eat lunch outside instead of in the break room, or eat lunch with someone different to have different conversation. We create patterns and habits to make our lives bearable, yet those habits and patterns can become our own creative trap. They can stifle our own unique thought processes and hinder our ability to experience the world around us.

Are you living the definition of insanity? Do you want something different yet do the same thing over and over again? Let this serve as a reminder that only by making different choices will our life become more than an activity in insanity.

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