Think on the Sweet Things


Today I want to celebrate the sweet things of life. Things like sunshine and rainbows, puppy kisses and kittens that nap. Experiences like buying your first house, your first kiss, eating your favorite ice cream or savoring the coolness of air conditioning after a hot, humid day. I want to use today’s post to remind you to savor all the things that make your life wonderful.

Sure you have problems or challenges. There are things you want to improve or change or learn or enhance. There are things that break down, flat tires happen, and appliances come to the end of their life. People disappoint and relatives annoy, your boss may or may not be helpful and your colleagues may have phoned it in today. Maybe today you don’t feel like yourself, or feel bad, or even feel really bad. All these things can make today a tough day, no doubt.

Let this post remind you that all those things are a part of life and will happen no matter how hard you work or schedule to plan or prevent. Life happens to us all. Today spend time thinking about your sweet, precious blessings. Think about the things that make your life wonderful, joyous, happy and worth waking up each and every day. Think about what you have accomplished, what you have earned, what you have learned ad the people who love you. Spend more time thinking on the sweet things of life than the things that annoy or bother.

We only have so many hours and days to live. Spend time today enjoying the sweet things in your world and be blessed to live the life you currently live. Tomorrow you can worry about how to solve your problems.

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