Traffic Jam in Venice, Italy…Enjoy the Ride

Let’s get a little perspective people. If you are complaining about being caught in traffic on a day like today, you have more challenges than a little gondola back up. You are in a beautiful city, on a gorgeous summer day, with people you love, doing amazing things. My tip is to enjoy the ride.

Too many times in life we get caught up in the wrong things. We focus on the emotion of the moment when we should spend our efforts enjoying the day. We let the little things turn into big things, and we forget to enjoy the big picture. We let our own exhaustion, agenda, or control issues rule our behaviors when we just need to take a chill pill and relax.

If you are on a gondola and your problem is waiting to get under the Bridge of Sighs, think about how that bridge got its name. The view it provides was the last bit of sunlight or real life prisoners sentenced to death would ever see. Get over yourself and give thanks that your big problem of the day was enjoying the canals a bit longer waiting your turn to get moving.

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