Make Way for the Nuns

When in Rome, do as the Romans do…they help the Nuns in any way they can. If they are standing in line, the Nuns are magically moved forward so they don’t have to wait. If they are asking questions, everyone around will help in anyway they can. If they are carrying heavy bags, multiple gentleman usually offer assistance. We witnessed it on multiple occasions and no matter the language, nationality or age group everyone reacted the same way. Make way for the Nuns.

I found it comforting in these troubling times for the Catholic church that people had not lost faith with all God’s servants. When you wear a habit it is hard to disguise your team loyalties. And when some of your team players have not exhibited the best sportsmanship over the past few decades it can be difficult to put that aside and not lash out at the current players in front of you.

Sitting in the airport in Rome, Italy and watching people care for God’s women made me proud of the human race. We showed grace under stressful times and have resisted the urge to show anger to women who had very little power over the current ecclesiastical mess. If any city is feeling the strife and shaking of heads, it is Rome. The Vatican is here, the home base for an entire religion that has allowed it’s players to play inappropriately and done little to reprimand them. But to the women of the church I watched people show love and respect, despite the mistakes of the men.

So be reminded today to play nice with others, even if their team is doing stupid things. The power lies with the leaders not with all the players.

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