When Your Mistakes Go Public

We all fear making mistakes. When they happen we think that everyone is watching us and we feel humiliated. Our mistakes haunt us and they even prevent us from moving forward or trying again next time.

I saw this sign not working at the airport. It was there for the whole world to see, and in reality no one noticed. Hundreds of people walked right under the sign and made no visible notice or comment about the huge code error on the screen. It didn’t matter to them, they were not impacted, they didn’t seem to care at all. I must admit I had no idea what was supposed to be appearing on the screen, what message I was missing, what important travel item did not get delivered. I can say I made my flight on time, I got to my destination, and my guess is the other thousands of people who saw this error screen had the same experience.

It made me think how hyper sensitive we get about our own shortcomings when if we put it in perspective of everyone else, most of the time our errors mean more to use than they do to others. We have a harder time getting past the mistake, when others have already move on.

The faster we make a mistake the quicker we learn. The more mistakes we make the better we will get. When we give ourselves the ability to try new things and risk we open the doors to a land where anything is possible. Chances are our mistakes are never displayed on a huge screen at the airport for every traveler in Concourse D to see; they may haunt our thoughts when everyone else has kept moving forward. If we are not careful we can let our mistakes limit our ability to risk, which means we grow stagnant.

Maybe the other lesson we can take from this sign is to reboot and move on. Reset things and keep going. Start over again, let things flow and deal with each mistake or error as it comes. The world will still revolve around the Sun and travelers will still rush to be first in line at their gate.

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