Just Waiting for You to Have the Courage


It’s a simple quote which reminds us what we will need to overcome to get what we want. We all fear something different, and our fears change as our lives change. We get over one fear to bump into another one later along the road. Just when we think we have them all beat, BLAM! fear rears it’s annoying head and leaves us senseless without even knowing what hit us.

The simplest way to diffuse fear is to press forward, jump over the line, punch your way through it. Think of fear as a paper wall, an illusion, something you think is awful but in reality dissolves the minute you confront it. Fear is like the schoolyard bully who everyone Freas, then the minute one brave kid stands up to that bully they all too often cower in fear and run away.

So stand up to your fears, tackle that adventure you have always wanted to do but were too afraid to try. Step out of your controlled little world and try something new, something different, something extraordinary. I have no doubt you will be surprised what your world will look like on the other side of fear…everything you want is there just waiting for you to have the courage to grab it.

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