It is Well Worth the Wait


This is the inside of a night blooming cereus plant. It only blooms for one night for about six hours. We have had one for years and have learned when it will bloom. I took this picture at about two in the morning when the bloom was fully open. The sew, light citrus fragrance attracts all the insects in the area. The bugs fly by simply to experience this rare beauty. By five in the morning the bloom was drooping and already done for the year. It is a short lived flower yet completely spectacular!

Have you ever waited for something to arrive for a long period of time to end up disappointed once the event occurred? Sometimes we build things up so much in our own mind that when the actual event happens it falls short of our expectations. We have imagined every aspect and thought about it so much that reality can in no way compare with our imagination. Then there are the times when we wait, and wait, and wait and that special something happens and it is bigger and better and more glorious than we could ever have imagined.

It is the anticipation of the thing that can make it special, not just the thing itself. Working and waiting for that special moment, then having it actually arrive can make everything else seem pale by comparison. Everyone needs something to look forward to. A goal, a special occasion, a visit with someone you miss, or a life changing event. No matter what it is we all need something in the future to keep us moving forward and giving us something to get out of bed to experience.

What are you looking forward to? What something is keeping you in suspense and making you wait? I hope it is something good. If there isn’t anything special, then go find something good. Set a goal, make a date, book a trip, learn a new skill or craft. Life is too short to let the days pass without having something or someone to look forward to seeing. What do you want that will require some time and talent to complete? Give it a date and start working, you will be amazed at how quickly time passes as you work towards your goal.

If all else fails, buy a night blooming cereus plant and look forward to next year, it is well worth the wait.


  1. Lovely. My great grandfather used to say, “Anticipation is better than realization.” but in this case perhaps that wasn’t true.


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