The CC Way to Roll


We went to the feed store today and I couldn’t find CC, the store cat. We were told he was in the feed shed, so I went looking. As I called out his name I heard a small voice meow. I called again and heard another weak, hushed meow. I looked all around and saw nothing; then I thought to look up. The rafters is where I found my friend. He gets to the rafters by climbing on the fork lift, and when they move it to ya’ know get work done, CC gets stranded. Today he was more than pleased to be isolated and alone.

I had to admire his stick-to-it-ness. He wasn’t going to come down for anyone or anything. He usually wants you to rub his tummy, but not today. He is usually very talkative and has many things to say, but not today. He has been known to sleep right next to the cash register to keep warm and greet all the customers, but certainly not on a day like today. Today was his day to behave exactly as he wanted, no matter the distractions, the customers, or the busyness of business.

Like CC, sometimes we just need to have a day when we do what we want, no matter our regular habits. It’s the day you stay in your pajamas all day simply because you can. The day you eat ice cream for breakfast or binge watch your favorite show, eat cereal right out of the box, or let all your calls and texts go unnoticed. It’s the day you do what you want. No chores, no personal hygiene, no outside contact, and certainly no rules. People may try to break in on your chill, but you won’t let them. You are going to do whatever you want, it’s the CC way to roll.

When was the last time you had a CC day? Is today that day for you? If you ask me, I say yes in a hushed meow you can only hear if you are really listening.

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