Hanging on for Dear Life


This poor grasshopper was stuck on our windshield and all he could do was hold on. Despite the turns, twists and high speeds he managed to stay on and stay alive. We’ve all had times in our lives when all we have the energy to do is hold on for dear life. Change is in our midst, turmoil, circumstances beyond our control or we are living out the results from our decisions. The best we can do is hold on.

Maybe your work is going through a reorganization or buy out. Maybe a relationship is ending or changing. Maybe you have health issues and sit waiting to hear the results. Or maybe you want your life to change and that process has just started; you so badly want a new life but still have to deal with the current one until the new life is in full swing. Ugh! These are the days it can feel hard to be you. So hang on, it will get better.

The only constant in life is change, but change does not last forever. Change can be slow and painful, or quick and shocking. Change leaves us feeling unprepared or overwhelmed, and facing a different life without many choices. We hold on to what we know to survive the current changes in our midst. And whether we like it or not change will continue even if we dig in our heels and do everything possible to avoid the change. So we hold on and hold out, hoping that what we are heading into is something better than today.

But change is not always positive. Change is not always something we want or within our control. We may be losing something very dear or have to face a future without someone we love in it. No one said it would be fair, no one promised that we would always get what we want. The only constant in life is change whether we like it or not.

Hold on for dear life. Let this grasshopper inspire you to hold tight. Know that the ups and downs of your current ride will end soon, and the sun will rise again tomorrow. And if you are not in the midst of change then chances are you know someone who is. Maybe they simply need to be reminded to hold on and hold tight, change is almost over and a new tomorrow is on it’s way. This grasshopper left a parking lot and landed in a forest, less asphalt more grass. Not sure how he handled that but I know he arrived alive and jumping. And some days that is all you can ask.

So hold on…


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