A Birthday Card…

The challenge this week was two fold. This first was to create a birthday card. Here is where I started. I used stencils to create the lettering, using a jumbled format.


I wanted to play with negative space differently than I do in my usually style. So I decided to use color in the negative spaces outside the letters to make the letters stand out. It meant being careful about the overlaps.


I used Crayola markers and Japanese brush pens to fill in the blank areas. I thought it turned out kind of cool. I like the idea and may play with it a little more in other cards and pieces. Thinking about the negative space outside the letters was a twist on my normal thought process. I had to think twice when coloring to not do what I normally do. I did a couple double takes to make sure I was getting it right.

How many times a day do we do things that are second nature? We do them so often that we forget there may be another way of doing things. Then when we want to do something different we struggle and have to work harder to be different. This project brought that to mind for me and reminded me that being color and creative does not always means we are pushing the limits of our skills. Working to do something that makes you uncomfortable or makes you think harder is a better definition for being creative, or more plainly working outside the box.

We all have our ways of doing things, and they work for us. They help us run our loves and create what it is we create. All too often they become stale or tired and we don’t even  know it. We have done our thing that way for so long that we suddenly realize there is another way to create and that is when we learn.

I challenge you today to take a deep look into something you do all the time and do it differently. Maybe flip it on it’s head and try it upside down. You might end up with something that works just as well, if not better and surprise yourself about the new way you can get things done.

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