Summer Nights with Grandma


Grandma teaching her grandson how to stoke the fire while roasting marshmallows. It is an honored family tradition to eat large amounts of sugar late on a summer evening, while telling the tales of life over and over again. Someone always loses their marshmallow to the fire, burns it into a small pile of goo, or ends with marshmallow in their hair. The rest actually get eaten with caramel or chocolate on crackers between sticky fingers and the licking of lips. The joys of summer smelling of smoke and sugar.

The days are actually getting shorter and the nights are full of the chirping sounds of  bugs, the lights of fireflies, and the laughter of children working hard to stay awake long enough to absorb it all. Soon the lights go out and everyone retires with dreams of another long day together full of laughter and family fun.

So how are you spending your summer nights? Who knows your family stories, and what sugar full delights are you sharing with those you love? Life is busy and full of things to do. Make those you love priority and let them know how much they mean in your life. The days are getting shorter and time is ticking; better to have said too much than too little.


  1. Is that your grandmother in the pic? She looks a lot like you. I love the grill too. If it was your gm, it was a great pic. She must have been an especially creative, gifted person.

    Sometimes I wish I had a pic of my grandmother to wave around, but my memory is as vivid and detailed as if I saw her this morning. You would have liked her, Ann. She didn’t create art, but she was a cosmo girl in an upstate village. What a mismatch of person and place.


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