In the Land of Pink

fullsizeoutput_f9.jpegI spent the day with the twelve year old daughter of a dear friend. She is a budding artist and wanted to enjoy our studio. She has a great eye and is quickly developing a passion for all things creative. Her favorite color is pink, so we spent a lot of time in the land of pink.

In the land of pink there is no limit to your imagination. There may be a bit of hesitation in trying something for the first time, but that will be overcome with time and practice. In the land of pink there are no rules and any surface is open for covering, anything cute and whimsical can end up anywhere on your page. In the land of pink internet access is crucial in that you can look up anything that comes to mind and travel down that path as far as you want. Want to learn a new language, you can do it. Want to travel the world, you can do that too. Want to invent your own characters, ride a gigantic pony, chew gum and tell funny jokes; you can do all that and more in the land of pink.

Her challenges were facing seventh grade and not knowing which teachers she might get for her classes. She told me she would face school her own way. She thought a school uniform would make getting ready for school easier, but she couldn’t survive if she had to wear khakis and a polo…she would only wear a uniform if it was REALLY cute. In the land of pink she is free to wear whatever she wants, do whatever she wants with her hair, and she doesn’t really care what anyone else thinks. It was charming and wonderful to spend time with someone of that age. Her innocence enveloped her like a pretty pink cape. She had no hesitation in speaking her mind, no fear of being silly, nothing had tarnished her dreams…except the memory of a haircut that was WAY too short.

I cannot attribute it all to youth, her parents have done a fantastic job protecting her just enough and encouraging her in every situation. They know she is a unique soul and have allowed her to grow into the young woman she wants to be, no matter what anyone else thinks. She is really the best of both of them and I look forward to knowing her for decades as she becomes someone who will tilt the world in her own way. I had a fun day in the land of pink and look forward to another visit soon. I wonder what the stamp will look like in my passport? Duh, it would be TOTALLY pink!

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