Ice Cream for Dinner


There are those times when you need to buck the system and live life on the edge. The times when you’ve had enough of playing by the rules. The times when you want to do what you want to do no matter that anyone else thinks. It’s living life on your terms, as a rebel, it’s eating ice cream for dinner and doing things your way and loving it, owning it, and withstanding all the flack for it.

Sometimes you simply have to eat ice cream for dinner. It feels so good being bad. You know you should have a balanced meal. You KNOW you shouldn’t eat that much sugar that late in the evening and yet you revel in doing it anyway. Every bite feels like empowerment, courage and vision all rolled into one. Then the regret sets in as you later feel hungry and the thought of more ice cream makes you queasy. You loved it in the moment and find yourself rethinking that choice later. You then buck up and realize you REALLY enjoyed that ice cream, not because it was the world’s best ice cream but because you knew the consequences and did it anyway. You took control of your life, your day, your decisions and lived life your way.

What is it about going against the flow that can feel so satisfying? Why do we feel the need to eat ice cream for dinner when we know better? Maybe it is our little act of rebellion that gets us over the hump of the monotony of our daily lives. Maybe we just need to do what we want to do when we want to do it especially when we are the ones who will deal with the consequences. It feels good to go against the flow every once in a while. It frees us to do the unexpected; all too often in this zany world of hustle and bustle we need to take a stand and do something spontaneous, rebellious, something that goes against everything we have been taught since kindergarten. Maybe tonight is the night you need to eat ice cream for dinner…the world can wait while you dip in your spoon and savor the flavor of free will. Lift your spoon with pride and eat yourself silly, for tomorrow you can eat salad!


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