Asemic Calligraphy…


This week’s calligraphy challenge was asemic writing, or making shapes with no letters. It is very abstract with no words or meaning, and no implied theme. So I was being asked as someone who has spent decades practicing and creating letters to NOT create letters; challenge accepted! I created this using watercolor, Pentel ink brushes, and a glitter brush pen. As I look at it now I think it would make a very cool fabric for a scarf or blouse.

This challenge meant throwing out everything I knew from a rule and habits perspective. It meant making marks simply to make marks with no plan necessary. I had to think for several days before I was comfortable with the concept of asemic writing. I suppose that time was for me to release myself from all I have learned and allow my hand to simply play and make marks. Funny how we get so intrenched in rules and guidelines that when I was asked to not use them, I was stumped. It didn’t take me long to execute once I got used to the idea of no rules, no plan.

Over the past few months I have been playing with the idea of making fabric and wallpaper designs. I made my first example and should see some sample swatches from the printer hopefully next week. When I saw this week’s finished project it instantly thought of fabric. I will use what I learn from my first go around to see if I can leverage abstract creations like this one. It is an entirely new world that I never really considered until a friend mentioned the idea.

Sometimes all you need is a planted seed and away you go. Allowing a new idea to blossom may mean letting go of some of your hard and fast rules or practices. It may mean learning new things and thinking about your world from a shifted, altered perspective. Almost as if you have to give yourself permission to leave what you know and go forward. Let’s face it what we know will always be there, maybe a new adventure will make all that even better. I guess you won’t know until you try!

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