This week’s calligraphy prompt was ‘metamorphosis’ or something that is transformed, or changed, or evolves. We were asked to limit ourselves to two colors and two tools, and we were not allowed to do anything with a butterfly. I thought about the way we change as we grow up and the way I chose to demonstrate that change was with footsteps and the shoes we wear. How we start out with comfortable shoes, live our lives, then end up back in those shoes again. I used a Sumi brush pen and a tomboy marker. The teal in the negative spaces did not photograph well; it is much brighter in the original version.

This one hit my vanity button. Over the years I would consider myself a bit of a shoe fiend, yet as I have gotten older high heels are no longer my friend. I am quickly moving back to the land of comfortable shoes. I see it as a sign of age, and that is where my vanity tingles. I thought I would be imperious to aging and somehow it has begun to impact my closet and decisions. The other side of that coin is that maybe wisdom has begun to take over and vanity is dying. I no longer feel the need to follow the demands of fashion and am making decisions about what suits me and my life, which translates into comfortable shoes or being bare foot.

I see young women wearing incredibly uncomfortable shoes and I wince. I hope they know a good podiatrist. They wear fashions I don’t understand and I wonder how it makes them feel about themselves, trying to fit into the current trend when it may not flatter their figure. My mother in law has a good phrase,  ‘That’s a lot of girl for that outfit.’ Yet we have all gone through the phase of trying to fit in, stay with the trends, working to wear what makes us feel good about ourselves.

Maybe a portion of our metamorphosis is the ability to wear what we want, what is comfortable and what flatters our figure no matter what other people think. Maybe that means metamorphosis and wisdom bring us full circle back to comfortable shoes. As the quote says, growing old is mandatory growing up is optional. I’ll stick with young at heart in comfortable shoes.

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