Standing Tall


This is the time of year when the trees are in their glory. The leaves are out in full green, the shade below is bright with moss, and the birds fly in and out of the limbs as if playing tag amongst the branches. The oak trees on our land have grown so tall that we have more shade than sun. I noticed it this year as I kept moving my planters trying to find multiple hours of sunlight. All that shade makes it cooler here than even a mile up the road. It is amazing what trees do simply by standing tall.

It seems simple to be a tree; they only have one job which is to stand there and grow. It may look simple but they have to do it no matter what happens. They endure the seasons year after year, and they flourish time and time again. They survive when there is no rain, too much rain, too much sun, or even when the wind and tries it’s best to blow them down. As the world spins around them trees stand tall and do their best to get taller and stronger.

Trees don’t try to pretend they are flowers or bushes or even rocks, they seem content to simply be a tree. They don’t change their leaf color each year, or work to have different bark; they are content to be the tree they were grown to be, year in and year out. Oh the things we can learn from a tree.

If we learn only one lesson from a tree it should be to stand tall and be proud to be what we were born to be. If we have curly hair, then embrace curly hair. If we have long legs, a crooked smile, a unique nose, or are flat footed we need to be glad for who we are and what we bring to the world. We spend so much time working hard to be accepted when in reality we need to start by accepting ourselves; once we do that the opinions of others don’t matter. When we know and love ourselves no matter what storms or circumstances come our way we can stand tall and be proud. When we love and accept everything about ourselves then ours is the only opinion that matters, and we are free to stand tall and be who we are year after year.

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