Jax the Builder


We’re having some construction done on our house, and our builder brought his seven year old son Jax with him to work one day. It is summer vacation and Jax wanted to do what his Dad does, build things. Jax was dressed and ready to go at 2am, and couldn’t wait to get on the job site. Here he is building a shelf that he completed and took home. When he got home his Mom wanted him to build another shelf for her to use.

I’m proud that Jax wanted to learn, and that this Dad used our build to enhance his experience. What a wonderful way to begin the process of building a work ethic, helping a child understand that he can build things that last, and that he can provide a valuable service to others. How excited Jax must have been to have built something that he could claim was his very own. How much fun to use a tape measure, cut, nail and complete something he imagined and created.

We forget that a boy as young as seven can understand and begin to follow his dream. We are never too young to learn and grow, and it is never too early to teach and train our children about doing good work. It takes courage to let our children learn on their own, it also means they could fail. If we let fear prevent us from letting them fail, then how will they learn to deal with failure? It takes guidance and a strong hand to lead our children down a path that will serve them well into their adult years. Imagine where you would be now if you had begun doing what you enjoy at age seven.

So three cheers for Jax the Builder, and hooray for his Dad helping him find his path. Our build is progressing well and we are grateful to have been a part of Jax’s learning process.

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