This week’s calligraphy challenge was to create a piece with ‘advice’ you would give or have received. I thought and thought and the only statement that came to mind was from Dr Seuss. I didn’t want to create this one in simple text, I wanted to challenge myself. So I wrote the text with five different pens, varying shape and size and direction of the text. I toyed around with a couple versions, and this is the one I posted for the week.

In creating this one I must have written these words fifty times. It is now burned into my brain, and that’s a good thing. As a calligrapher we write words, savor words, enjoy words. The more we write and practice the more words there are in our heads. So the words we choose to write over and over and over again stick with us. They ring in our heads and encourage us even when we are not working to create artwork.

I once had someone ask me why I was so positive all the time and I told them it was a choice. And I see it as a choice that has been fueled by years and years of inspirational, positive, and inspiring words. Words that I wrote or read more times than I could count, until they were the words that swirled around in my head. These words took up so much space that they forced out the thoughts I didn’t want around. The more I worked and created, the more positive went in my brain. I’m not saying all the bad or negative is gone, it is simply diluted to a less influential position in my mind. The positive water downed the negative and fueled my ability to choose what I wanted and who I wanted to be. These words gave me the power to be who I am and say what I think, just like Dr Seuss advised.

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