Carve Away


My husband worked on a linoleum block print this weekend, which requires carving away at the surface. He slowly carves out the design until he can ‘see’ the image he is working to develop. This requires skill, patience, and insight. As he has created more and more blocks his skills have grown, his vision is more precise, and his technique is improving by leaps and bounds. Every piece he whittles away is one more step in his journey as an artist.

Watching him work made me think of how we learn about ourselves throughout life. We start out dull and blocky, not knowing who we are or what we want to become. It takes time and patience to reveal what is underneath and the potential within. One wrong move can mean lots more work to get back on track. Slowly and with experience we begin to understand all that is within. And as time and work converge the true image appears before our eyes.

The hard part happens when we need to carve the minor pieces, the blind spots we find difficult to admit. These intricate motions demand expertise and wisdom, yet can change everything. It is amazing to know people and see their true self revealed over time, just as it is astounding that my husband can carve a magnificent image out of a block of linoleum.

We all start as a simple block that is transformed by time and experience. My hope for you today is that the pieces you reveal are worth the effort AND make you a better version of yourself.

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