Three Lessons From Our Pets

Artie and Buschi are enjoying the sunshine, and denying any culpability in anything that just happened. They are like two peas in a pod, enjoying the same things and playing rather vigorously when their nap times are accomplished. This is one of those rare moments when they are together not causing any trouble.

We enjoy having pets. We also have been around them long enough to realize that Dogs have owners, Cats have staff. No matter if we are owner or staff, we willingly learn the lessons these feline and canine relationships bring our way. 1) When we are together we are all better versions of ourselves. We have friendship, companionship, the ability to love and the ability to learn new things. We bring out the best in each other. 2) When we have people who care for us, we have the understanding that we matter. We know that someone out there will be watching out for us, and will be there if we need them. 3) We only have a few years together, so enjoy them while they are here. None of us has forever, so cherish the time we are able to be with each other.

These little lives bring us so much joy, they change us into better people. They stretch us, confound us, and push us beyond our limits. They warm us on cold nights and make us laugh when they romp on the carpet. They give us a reason to get up on rainy days and someone to love when nights are lonely. There are more lessons, we simply need to continue to love them to learn more.

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